Training Programs

Our Training Series is something we take pride in and we feel distances us from other interpretation and translation service firms. Although every interpreter must gain experience, we recognize the importance of offering a solid base to prepare new interpreters for the field. Our training is the fastest, the most practical and the most economical way of learning court interpreting.

The provision of interpreter services is a basic right of anyone who is a party or witness in court proceedings under s.14 of the Canadian Charter, which guarantees the right of an accused to understand the proceedings. The Ontario Court of Appeal noted in R. v. Petrovic (1984) O.J. No. 3265, that when an accused person requests an interpreter, an interpreter should be provided without question; and that the accused not be subject to a detailed inquiry into their ability to understand or speak the language of the proceedings. But, fulfilling those rights is difficult because of a shortage of qualified, competent interpreters. Often the courts use people who speak the language, but aren’t qualified as court interpreters. (Excerpt from Lawyers Weekly, Dec. 3, 2010).

Aquinas Institute Corporation is the only interpretation and translation service company that offers in-house training programs to interpreters, translators and the general public.

• Aquinas Training Series I: “Legal Interpreting Made Easy”™

The program is designed to give the participant an overview of the basics of legal interpreting; the difference between an interpreter and a translator; the modes and types of interpreting; ethics; interpreter’s basic skills; introduction to the Canadian court system; legal terminology; mock trials; and job search.

• Aquinas Training Series II: “Court-Judicial-Legal Interpreter Training”™

The program is designed to give the participant an overview of the responsibilities, do’s and don’ts, and ethics in court-judicial-legal interpreting; interpreter’s skills; the potential for errors; the structure of the Canadian court system; the stages in the development and conclusion of a court case; the examination for discovery; court appearances, pleas, trials, sentencings; legal terminology; mock trials; and job search.

• Aquinas Training Series III: “Court-Judicial-Legal Terminology”™

The program is designed to give the participant knowledge and understanding of approximately 300 most commonly used legal terms in a court-judicial-legal setting.

Who would benefit from these training programs?

• Those desiring to have a general background of court/judicial/legal interpreting.

• Those with no knowledge or with little knowledge about court/judicial/legal interpreting.

• Those with no experience or with little experience in court/judicial/legal interpreting.

• Those who would like to enhance their interpreting skills.

Training Feedbacks

Graduates have been hired as contractor interpreters by the BC Courts, the Immigration & Refugee Board, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, legal firms and/or other interpreting service agencies. One graduate was hired in the Courts of England within a short time after completion of the training. One graduate was hired as a Madam Registrar in the B.C. Courts within a year.

Email from Kasia Wilks on Nov. 29, 2006
“I am in Liverpool, England now where I am doing an M.Sc. in Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology. ….. The seminar training came in handy as I have been doing lots of interpreting here including court interpreting.”


The Aquinas Interpreter Training Series is given by Teresita Nixon, M.A., C.Crt.I.  She is certified as a court interpreter by the Society of Translators and Interpreters of British Columbia and by the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Manitoba.  Ms Nixon is a professional court interpreter whose “considerable interpreting experience” was recognized in October 2006 by the Court Services Branch of the B.C. Ministry of the Attorney-General. She has over 25 years of court interpreting experience and 8 years of adult education experience. She was a contractor instructor in public and private postsecondary educational institutions – the B.C. Institute of Technology, City University, Kwantlen University, Sprott-Shaw Community College, Tourism Training Institute, Vancouver Community College and Vancouver School Board.

Training Registration

The 12 hour training may be given to a group of maximum 12 participants. Individual personalized training is also available. Every participant will receive a Certificate of Attendance, handouts and an income tax deductible receipt for education. Registration must accompany full payment with cash, Visa or MasterCard.

To register for these seminars, please call (604) 868-2354 or (604) 940-7006.