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Aquinas Institute Corporation officially opened its business with the establishment of its interpretation and translation services on January 3, 2006.  See the Vancouver Sun newspaper, “Open for Business”, January 23, 2006, p. D4.

We are a specialist in court-judicial-legal interpreting services. In addition, we provide interpretation services in all modes of interpreting and in all types of interpreting. We provide interpretation and translation services in over 240 languages and dialects spoken in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East, North America and South America. We undertake an ongoing massive recruitment, resulting in the registration of over 3500 interpreters and translators with our firm.

In 2006, Aquinas Institute started offering a court interpreter training program, which is now known as the “Court-Judicial-Legal Interpreter Training™”. We are the only interpretation and translation service company offering court interpreter training to interpreters, translators, and the general public. The Aquinas training is the fastest way, the most practical way and the most economical way to learn court interpreting.

Aquinas Institute was approved by the B.C. Ministry of Attorney-General to provide interpreting services to B.C. Courts. The company also received a contract from the Canadian Federal Government to provide interpreting services to Federal Courts for the 2012-2013 fiscal year.

Aquinas’ clientele has increased to include the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada; Crown Counsel, Bail and Probation Offices; Surrey Pre-Trial Centre; Vancouver Police Department and other law enforcement agencies; legal firms; immigration service companies; social service agencies; educational institutions; private corporations; unions; foundations; societies and private individuals.

We have grown into a reputable, reliable and professional leader, with the the largest scope of languages/dialects and with the largest database of linguists, in the interpretation and translation service industry in British Columbia and, perhaps, in Canada.

Our goal is to provide quality language services not only locally but, also, nationally and internationally. We currently provide language services throughout British Columbia and we have provided interpretation services in the State of California.

Aquinas Institute Corporation was an equal opportunity contractor for court interpreters. It did not discriminate on the bases of race, ethnic origin, color, religion, language, sex, beauty or disability.

Aquinas Institute Corporation gave work to professionals, religious ministers, college students, high school graduates, the retired, new immigrants, the unemployed, those on social assistance, and visible minorities.

On August 1, 2016, Teresita Nixon registered the Aquinas Legal Interpreters Corporation to take over the interpreting service business of Aquinas Institute.

Interpreting services

We are committed to providing accurate, confidential, punctual, ethical and professional interpreting services at reasonable fees.


Currently, we offer our services over 250 languages/dialects, with new additions being made on a regular basis.


Our professional interpreters are especially trained and qualified to provide the best services.

Work Sites and Cases

Our trained interpreters are experienced and adaptable to all types of work settings. Whether a simple one-on-one interpretation or a large scale conference, we’re here to help.

Training Programs

Our Training Series is something we take pride in and we feel distances us from other interpretation and translation service firms. Although every interpreter must gain experience, we recognize the importance of offering a solid base to prepare new interpreters for the field. Our training is the fastest, the most practical and the most economical way of learning court interpreting.

Our Fees

We offer interpretation and translation services based on some of the most competitive rates in the industry. For each and every situation, our fee structure is designed to provide you with maximum value.

Please call 604-868-2354 for current rates.  


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